BTC/USD: $38109.76 MINING RATE : 0.000000000465 BTC/GHS/Hr.    
       Profit Calculation
    BTC Price (USD)
    GHS Cost (9 Days Contract)(USD)
    GHS Cost (9 Dayss Contract)(BTC)
    Earn Daily Mining(USDT)
    Earn Daily Mining(BTC)
    9 Days Earned Mining(USDT)
    9 Days Earned Mining(BTC)

    Q: How much daily earning ?
    A: You will get bitcoin about $0.0004 / GHS / Day

    Q: Where is company location?
    A: BITCOININVESTHYIP is a cloud service , no location, no asic hardware.

    Q: How to refund ?
    A: We dont have any refund rule.

    Q: How to change email ?
    A: We dont allowed to change email.

    Q: How long is the GHS contract?
    A: Each paid invoice is for 9,18,30 days, Each paid invoice will be seen as separated (stand alone contract)

    Q: How much minimum withdrawal ?
    A: 0.001btc

    Q: What is Bitcoin Price Difficulty and Virtual Bitcoin Futures ?
    A: you will get bitcoin about $0.0004 / GHS / Day and will transfer to balance daily

    Q:How company generates income and give bonus to investor?
    A: Company had involve in trading and mining .

    Q: How long will give service to investor?
    A: ANSWER :More than 5 Years

    Q:Is BitcoininvestHYIP same owner with other platform?
    A:No ,Our service is new cloud mining platform.The Owner of other platform also different.

         Invite friend to get bonus btc daily.
    -Bonus [Lv1-10%,Lv2-5%,Lv3-3%,Lv4-1%,Lv5-1%,Lv6-Lv10-1%]
    -Request 100000GHS purchased

    e-Mail : [email protected]